Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dreaming of Djinn Anthology

Am very excited at having my first short story accepted for publication. "Harmony Thicket and the Persian Shoes" will appear in the Dreaming of Djinn Anthlogy, edited by Liz Gryzb and published by Ticonderoga Publications in April 2013.

" This anthology will explore romantic Orientalism through a speculative fiction lens. You might find lost cities, magical lamps, mummies, thieves, intrepid explorers, slaves, robotic horsemen, noble queens, sorcerers, outcast princes, harems, dancers, djinn, assassins and even smart-talking camels and cats, set in exotic Persia, Egypt, Arabia, the Ottoman Empire, or a modern incarnation of these. More information on the exact mysteries contained will be revealed shortly."

I can reveal that my story involves a pair of magic persian shoes, a love spell, and vintage shopping - the three great obsessions of my life - shoes, romance, vintage haha. 

The link to the website is here:

Copies can be pre-ordered from Indie Books Online:

Excited to see the cover and read the other stories inside.

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