Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Gems Short Story Contest 2011

Have now heard the results for the Little Gems contest - I scored 91% which unfortunately wasn't enough to make it into the anothology but I think is a pleasing result for my first attempt. The compeition is fierce! haha. I also got some great feedback which I will take into account when writing future stories.

Congrats to Lillian, my friend and member of the NQ Romance Writers, who tied for third place. She is the queen of short story writing and an inspiration to the rest of us. Great work Lillian xxx.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prof Fawkesbury update

Have stalled majorly with my novel writing! Nothing done for the past month! Am starting to feel itchy about it all. I re-read the eight chapters I have completed yesterday and was happy with most of it. Am thinking of writing in a seance scene though. A great article on Victorian Mediums is : A Willing Suspension of Disbelief:
Victorian Reactions to the Spiritualist Phenomena by Candace Gregory.

"Spiritualism entered English society in the middle of the nineteenth century, arriving from America via the migration of mediums in the 1850s. <5> The movement began officially in 1848 at the New York home of the Fox sisters, who gained fame as mediums through their apparently innate ability to summon spirits and to incite spirit messages and communiquis through tapping. <6> The phenomena of "table turning and spirit-rapping" found an immediate popularity in England. <7> Through the human agent known as the "medium," the spirits communicated through raps, tappings, materializations of spirit forms, levitations of persons or objects, and anonymous lights that had no apparent source. <8> With some elements of society, spiritualism soon developed into a social pastime, particularly by the upper classes, who were accused by one admitted cynic of "having pretty well exhausted the pleasures of this world" and were seeking "any new amusement they can get out of any other world." <9> The image of a frivolous tea party seance can almost seem justifiable with such an attitude, narrow and biased though it may be. "


Now to write my seance scene ; )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sherry's Wedding

Posting some photos from Sherry & Semir's wedding last weekend. Sherry is my cousin and I starred as one of her five bridesmaids - a larger than life occasion full of hot-blooded southern Europeans, great dancing, great food and fantastic Lebanese drumming. Sherry was a beautiful, elegant bride and now that she has moved to Melbourne we will miss her greatly!