Saturday, April 23, 2011

RWA Emerald Award 2011

I finally got the results back from the Emerald Award (national writing comp run by Romance Writers of Australia) and I was lucky enough to come in 8th place - I never even hoped to get through to the second round so this was a huge bonus. There were some great writers amongst the final twelve and the top three are now judged by an American Editor. Great competition and well worth the effort.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

holiday work

So glad school is out for the week! Gives me time to work on finishing the setup of my little glass studio - quite happy with the results as I now have my grinder and glass shelf stocked. I don't think there's anything as gratifying in the world as a well-stocked glass or book shelf!

Have worked on a few designs and starting to cut the glass - only going to do glass mosaicing from home for now - might work on some copper foiling later on. I much prefer copperfoiling/tiffany method to using lead.  Also have to sort out registering business name/ABN - hate that boring, paperwork side of thing! I just want to create.

Almost finished my paranormal/crime noir short story to submit for an anthology. It was a hard slog! Went complete 'Panster' on this one but I think it has worked out ok. I find it really challenging when i'm in that place where i don't know how I want things to end in a story, but I think this one ends ok. Soon as this is done i can get back to my novel.

Happy writing/reading/creating and Easter (if you celebrate it). 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fairytale images

Stumbled across a great blog yesterday 'Love at First Blush,' and found these great fairytale images:
Great to get the story ideas flowing...