Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 NQ RWA Writing Roadshow

Have a fantastic weekend with the NQ Romance Writers and all our Roadshow guests and attendees. Saturday was packed with great sessions delivered by Helene Young, Barbara Hannay, Kelly Armstrong and Anne Gracie followed by a very fun conference dinner (at which Helene's husband Graham was of course the star! haha).

Sunday saw our group unwind and talk writing with Anne at The Lime Tree Restaurant at Trinity Beach. Great food and even better company! Look forward to being apart of many Roadshows in the coming years and helping to bring such wonderful talents to the Far North.  And now I'm exhausted but still typing away!

 Above: NQ Romance Writers - (B) Helene Young, Barbara Hannay, Havva Murat, Alice Honsa, Shannean Moncrieff, Noreen Allan. (F) Becca Quin, Mervet McClintock, Bernadette Rowley and Lilian Begelhole

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