Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sherry's Wedding

Posting some photos from Sherry & Semir's wedding last weekend. Sherry is my cousin and I starred as one of her five bridesmaids - a larger than life occasion full of hot-blooded southern Europeans, great dancing, great food and fantastic Lebanese drumming. Sherry was a beautiful, elegant bride and now that she has moved to Melbourne we will miss her greatly!


  1. Gorgeous photos Havva!! What a wonderful day :)

  2. Thanks Helene - it was lovely. And I'm sure our Roadshow is going to be another super day! See you soon ; )

  3. Purple actually looks very nice with white. I have seen a lot of bridesmaids wearing purple. My best friend has told all of us to wear turquoise on her wedding. I am sure this color is going to look great too. I am more excited for her bachelorette party for which I have booked one of the finest New York venues.